Dentist in Bloomfield, NJ Shares College Dental Care Tips

For those of you off at college, you might feel free to do whatever you want. No parents are telling you how to live anymore. It feels good to be free, but you don’t want to ignore the tips your parents gave on caring for your teeth. Here are some tips to ensure you are doing what needs to be done for your mouth.
Care About Your Appearance
Even though no one forces you to shower anymore doesn’t mean you should stop. Caring about your appearance is an essential way to feel good about yourself. This goes for your teeth as well. The better you feel about your smile, the friendlier and more outgoing you will be.
Brush Those Teeth
Don’t slack on brushing your teeth. Even if it is late when you get home, take the two to three minutes to brush your pearly whites. It is very easy to fall into bad habits once they begin, so keep up with the routine. 
Floss Your Teeth
Floss your teeth every day to keep debris and food out of the gums. If left to sit there, you will end up with tooth decay and gum disease. You can save yourself a ton of money and headaches by taking a few seconds each night to floss.
Limit Soda Intake and Alcohol
It is recommended that you stick to drinking water. With that being said, we recognize that you are going to want other drinks. Soda and alcohol have the potential to damage your teeth, so if you are going to drink, please do so in moderation.
After drinking, rinse your mouth with water to remove the harmful substances from the enamel.
Your Teeth are not Tools
Avoid using your teeth to open things because they are not made to withstand the pressure. Instead, find someone in the dorm with the proper tools to help you.
See Your Dentist in Bloomfield, NJ
Don’t forget to visit your dentist in Bloomfield NJ twice a year. This can be when you head home on break or find a dentist near your college to visit. Your appointments are the key to determining if your oral care routine is working properly. If you would like to plan ahead or schedule your next appointment, The Center for Dentistry of Bloomfield can be reached at (973) 748-0400.
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