Bloomfield Family Dentist Discusses Dental Problems of the Elderly

Our older population faces their share of mouth ailments. While age is a factor, sometimes it is just related to their medical conditions. In addition, the elderly population tends to take more medications than the average person. This can also lead to dental concerns. Let’s take a look at how to help them deal with their circumstances better so they can have a healthier smile.
People with arthritis have a harder time caring for their teeth. The hands and fingers struggle to hold a toothbrush. Imagine the pain they must feel when they attempt to hold floss. 
The toothbrush can be outfitted with a rubber ball to extend the size for gripping. They might also find that an electric toothbrush and oral irrigator are easier to manipulate.
Dry Mouth
Most of the dry mouth symptoms are related to their medications. It can also be a side effect of cancer treatments. Drinking more water is an important step to producing additional saliva. They could also try chewing some sugar-free gum.
Gum Disease
When plaque and food debris build-up in the mouth, it can lead to periodontal disease. This is a common occurrence for those who wear dentures. It is also more likely in people who suffer from anemia, diabetes or cancer. Elderly patients need to ensure that their dental routine is solid to help alleviate this occurrence.
Taste Impairment
As we age, many people notice that their taste diminishes. This could be a cause of poorly fitting dentures, the medications they are taking or disease. 
Teeth Darkening
After years of enjoying various foods, the teeth might be stained. In addition, the enamel begins to wear and the layer of tooth below, called the dentin, could surface. This layer is darker in color and appears yellow. To prevent this from happening, it is important to avoid acidic foods and maintain a healthy oral care routine.
This is only a handful of issues that seem to attack the elderly community. If you or someone you know is experiencing other concerns, it is advisable to give your Bloomfield family dentist a call and schedule a checkup.
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