Dentures in Bloomfield, NJ can Replace Your Missing Smile

Dentures are false teeth and artificial tissue replacement for damaged missing teeth. They are designed to fit passively over the gums to eliminate the gaps due to missing teeth. They can either be complete or partial. 
Partial Dentures
Partial Dentures shortly called as Partials are removable kind of dentures. Partials are a good choice for people who still have quite a lot of remaining healthy teeth just because it would be a waste to dispose of the healthy ones that can still be used. Partials are sometimes called as “fixed bridges”, but the two actually differ from each other in a way that partials are removable while fixed bridges, as their name suggests, aren’t. Fixed bridges are permanently attached to adjacent teeth. Partials, on the other hand, use an acrylic, metal frame that has clasps that snap onto the remaining teeth, filling in the spaces with the artificial denture teeth.
Complete Dentures
Complete Dentures also called as Full Dentures are highly recommended for people who have had all of their teeth removed. Traditional full dentures will be given to patients who have missing upper and lower teeth. If there are still remaining teeth and the patient plans to have them removed, the dentist shall perform the necessary tooth extraction operations, followed by the immediate placement of complete dentures.
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