Dentures in Bloomfield, NJ can Replace Your Missing Smile


Dentures can give patients a renewed sense of confidence in their smile. Dentures are more comfortable and natural-looking than ever. Your dentist in Bloomfield, NJ recommends dentures for patients who may need teeth replaced but are looking for a more affordable restorative option.


Partial Dentures

Partial dentures consist of a wire frame with false teeth attached. This allows patients to restore individual teeth all at once rather than covering their natural teeth with full dentures. This is a good option for patients who may have a lot of healthy teeth already that only need a few teeth replaced.


Complete Dentures

Full dentures replace all your natural teeth. They are custom made to fit your mouth as best as possible. They are held in place using suction or a specific adhesive made for dentures. Dentures are easy to remove and can offer patients several benefits such as cosmetic enhancement and confidence. They also improve a patient’s quality of life by giving patients the ability to chew certain foods that may have previously challenged them.


Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are typically provided the same day that teeth are removed or extracted. This type of denture is not suitable for every patient, so be sure to consult with your dentist in Bloomfield, NJ to find out if this would be right for you. If you prefer to have a brand new smile instantly, immediate dentures may be the right option for you.


Implant-Supported Dentures

This type of denture is supported with the use of dental implants. This is considered an overdenture because it is meant to fit in with your existing dental implants instead of covering them up. Implant-supported dentures are typically made for the bottom jaw because that area lacks the most support.


Caring for your dentures

Dentures are delicate and they will break if dropped on the ground. Always handle them over a folded towel to cushion a fall. You should always keep them in room temperature water or denture cleanser to ensure that they never dry out. Brush your dentures to remove food particles and plaque. If your dentures become loose or chipped, call your dentist in Bloomfield, NJ to get them adjusted.


If you would like to learn more about dentures from your dentist in Bloomfield, NJ, call our office today. You can reach us at (973) 748-0400 or by filling out a contact form directly on our website. Our staff will reach out to you at your convenience and provide you with any necessary information. Call today to restore confidence in your smile!

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