07003 Dentist Shares Lifestyle Factors That Affect Your Oral Health

You spend your time brushing, flossing and seeing your 07003 dentist on a regular basis. But, if you participate in negative lifestyle choices, you are still at risk for harming your oral health. You may not think your lifestyle affects your mouth, but studies continue to prove that they do. Here are some choices that might hurt you in the long run.
Studies Done
There have been numerous studies done which show the effects of various lifestyle choices on dental health. While many things were considered, the main ones examined included smoking, how much sleep a person gets, alcohol consumption, nutritional balance, mental health, exercise and working hours. Oral hygiene was also factored in with these elements so that a fair conclusion could be determined.
One of the most dangerous lifestyle choices on the teeth was smoking. Periodontal disease is linked heavily with tobacco use. Smoking suppresses the host-defense system of the body which might also be a factor in periodontal disease.
One of the other major causes of teeth ailments was a lack of sleep. In fact, people that slept less than six hours a night were shown to have the worst periodontal health. When a person misses the rest that they need, their immune system becomes compromised. This allows dangerous bacteria to take over in the mouth and eat away at the gums and te
Other Lifestyle Choices
While those were the two major contributing factors to poor dental health, aside from hygiene, there are many others to consider. It’s essential that people take care of their entire body in order to protect the teeth. This means proper nutrition, reduced stress and reasonable work hours. Our body must work together in harmony if we want to be healthy and happy. 
You must combine these elements with proper brushing and flossing for the best results. If you need help with the other aspects of your life or more guidance on dental hygiene, be sure to reach out to your dentist. Together, you can work on creating the smile you’ve always wanted. 
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