Preventing Stains on Teeth

It is important to have a nice, white smile. We have more confidence and are friendlier when we are willing to smile. Here are some tips courtesy of your Bloomfield family dentist on how to avoid staining those beautiful teeth.
Common Culprits
Teeth are going to be quickly stained by products such as tea, cola, coffee and red wine. If you are drinking them often, you’ll want to brush right away to remove the agents that cause stains. Otherwise, the stains will absorb beneath the tooth surface and create discoloration. 
Foods that stain teeth include berries, beets and soy sauce. Other culprits can include tobacco products and certain antibiotics. 
Tips to Prevent Staining
Here are some tips that will help you avoid those nasty stains.
Be careful what you eat. Avoid the drinks and foods mentioned above when possible. If you have to use them, be sure you brush your teeth as soon as possible.
Eat a healthy diet. Keep your teeth looking healthy by consuming good-for-you foods. It keeps your teeth and gums strong which helps them to remain white.
Brush after meals. This removes food particles, tartar and plaque. It also helps to remove surface stains. 
Quit smoking. This includes cigarettes, pipes, cigars and chewing tobacco as well.
Undergo whitening procedures. No matter what you do, your teeth might already be stained. Your best option at this point is to attempt the use of a cosmetic whitening procedure. You can use an over-the-counter product or get professional treatments at your dentist office. 
Visit for regular checkups. Heading to the dentist twice a year is one of the best ways to keep your teeth happy and white. The professional cleaning removes plaque and tartar that can cause a dirty look to the teeth plus lead to tooth ailments. They can also recommend additional ways to help your teeth sparkle. 
Having a fabulous smile will make you feel better about yourself. Prepare to smile at everyone you meet by removing and avoiding those pesky tooth stains. Visit your Bloomfield family dentist for regular cleanings and for additional tips on keeping your teeth healthy and clean. Our office can be reached at (973) 748-0400.
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