Bloomfield Family Dentist Discusses When a Child Needs a Dental Crown

It might seem odd that some young children need to have dental crowns applied, but it could be necessary to save their decaying baby teeth. Preserving the integrity of a primary tooth is more important than it might seem. It plays a large role in the child’s facial development as well as bite. 
Why Children Might Need a Crown
Whenever there is a decayed or damaged tooth, the dentist recommends a crown to increase the integrity. This isn’t just common with permanent teeth, but also with primary teeth. 
If your child suffers from decay, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that the dentist is going to suggest a crown to save the tooth. 
Placing the Crown
Unlike many of the crowns used in an adult mouth, children’s crowns are typically pre-fabricated stainless steel. These crowns are made to cover the entire tooth in the child’s mouth. With this setup, your child is protected from future decay. In addition, the space is reserved for the permanent tooth which will arrive.
Crowns made from stainless steel are only used with primary molars. In preparation, the dentist removes any weak or decayed areas of the tooth. Then, the tooth is reduced in shape to accommodate the stainless steel crown. 
There might be some additional adjustments needed to ensure a proper fit. The dentist will ensure that your child’s bite is right and then the crown is cemented into the mouth. This affordable and effective method of dealing with childhood cavities is a great way to repair existing tooth decay while maintaining the integrity of the mouth. Most families find immense success, just as if the original tooth were in place. 
Of course, this treatment isn’t right for every pediatric patient. It is important that you discuss all the options and concerns with your dentist to determine what is right for your child. As with all dental conditions, prevention is always better than treatment. Help your child maintain proper oral hygiene so that the risk of decay is less and hopefully, they won’t need stainless steel crowns. 
If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, the office of your Bloomfield family dentist can be reached at (973) 748-0400. We look forward to hearing from you.
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